Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp, Fall 2013!

This fall, Division three students and staff took part in an incredible journey of self-discovery and team building during the Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp. Peter Loy was our guide, and taught us many valuable lessons in just four days.

Students were presented with numerous challenges both physically and mentally. They strengthened their canoeing skills (including paddle strokes, capsize drills, safety lessons),  and some students even took the opportunity to steer or lead the canoe. We all learned more about working together as a team and persevering through physical challenges.  Division three was the first group in the history of Wai Wah Youth Leadership camps to do a full circumnavigation of Lakelse Lake in one day!

Council circle was also an important part of the learning process. Respected elders Grandma and Jiji (Mona and Betty) taught about the importance of listening and speaking from the heart. Students were also challenged to run their own council circle without adult help to solve problems. Students are continuing to gain confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings through council circles at GES.

Thank-you to everyone that helped make this camp happen. It was an unforgetable experience for all of us!

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Halloween at GES (and the pumpkin carving contest)!

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Kaitlyn’s Teaching Day

On Friday October 18th, Kaitlyn Adams took over responsibility as the teacher for Division Three. This was Miss Adams second teaching day, and she once again showed great leadership skills and work ethic. Miss Adams is an excellent role model for other students as she demonstrates a great amount of respect for others and works diligently at school.

She started the day with a quick game of Put yourself on the Line, and a Check in during council circle. Students also had a name card taped to their back, and they wrote Warm Fuzzies (kind words, appreciations) on each other’s cards. Following that, students studied their spelling words by doing a Blind Sort with a buddy.

For P.E. Miss Adams started the class with a quick warmup and some basketball drills. She gave clear instructions to students, and made sure to have their attention before beginning to speak.  Students then played a game of five on five basketball.

Miss Adams chose the following learning intentions for science: Students will learn that animal and plant cells are similar in some ways and different in other ways. Students will learn the parts of cells and the function of each.

She researched the topic thoroughly and created a Notebook presentation for the Smartboard. Students also used an interactive whiteboard lesson to explore the parts of a cell. After drawing and labeling diagrams of animal and plants cells, Miss Adams had students creating models of animal cells!

Congratulations Miss Adams! You are a great leader and will be for years to come. You took initiative to get things done and made quick decisions. Great work!

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A Day with Puppeteer Maggie Winston!

Puppeteer Maggie Winston blessed us with her gift of performing today at GES. In the morning she did a workshop with Division Two, bringing found objects to life. After recess she did a performance for the whole school, and had students and staff captivated. Thank-you Maggie for sharing your passion and inspiring us! Thanks also for making us laugh!


Maggie Winston is a professional puppeteer, performance artist, and drama educator. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Puppetry from Sarah Lawrence College, NY and trained at the British American Drama Academy in London, UK.


Maggie’s artistic work involves individuals and communities engaging collectively to create original performances in the medium of puppetry- an art form that inherently incorporates all other art forms (theatre, visual arts, movement/choreography, music, storytelling, etc.). Inclusion, collaboration, and creative process are at the heart of Maggie’s work. Creative process is realized through an emphasis on imagination, exploration, natural impluse, and quality technique. As Artistic Director of Lost & Found Puppet Co., Maggie’s directed projects explore puppetry in all its aspects, discover stories of objects and our human relationships to them, and promote puppetry as a unique and valued art everyone can experience.

check out her website at:        http://lostandfoundpuppetco.com/

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Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp 2013!!


At the Wai Wah Youth Leadership camp, each and every student overcame numerous mental and physical challenges and grew stronger as a result. They proved their strength working as a team to paddle long distances across the lake with high winds and waves crashing against the side of the boat. They showed determination by participating in the Morning Purification, dunking four directions in the frigid waters of Lakelse Lake. Students overcame their fear of deep/cold water, and showed brilliant teamwork as they capsized and bailed out a canoe. We giggled until our bellies hurt, and tried continuously to get everyone on top of the capsized canoe during the game “King and Queen of the Canoe.”

Council fire was a time to share stories from the day, laugh together, uplift each other, and learn important life lessons. Grandma and Grandpa taught us more about listening respectfully and speaking from the heart. Their compassion, wisdom, and cultural knowledge was a huge gift to us. Peter Loy modeled true leadership skills, teaching us not only about survival and canoeing skills, but also how each one of us is a leader. He also taught us how to give 110% even when we feel tired and like we can’t keep going.

Many students were provided with leadership opportunities and quickly rose to the challenges they were given. By the end of the camp, students had improved greatly as canoeists, and each student received a certificate and medal. I witnessed students becoming more mature, respectful, helpful and confident as a result of these experiences and their decision to take part wholeheartedly.

Thank-you to Mr.Riley who made this camp a possibility and for the delicious food he prepared with his wife Luksana. Thank-you to the staff, students, parents and community members who helped fundraise for this event and make the camp possible.

Mrs. Radawiec

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Uplands Elementary School Choir joins with GES Choir!

Uplands Elementary School Choir and the GES Choir combined together to perform for two different schools in Terrace on Thursday, June 20th. Their voices together created a brilliant sound and even brought tears to the eyes of audience members at Uplands Elementary and Suwilaawks Elementary. We were once again very fortunate to have Jose Coosemans join us on the piano for our tour.

Four talented and inspiring high school students also joined us on tour, performing flute with the choir for one song, and also performing “Skinny Love” as a trio.

Afterward, the performers celebrated together at Lakelse Lake. It was a great day and we look forward to doing more with Uplands Elementary singers in the near future! Thank-you to Jose Coosemans, parent volunteers, The GES Choir, Uplands Choir and their fabulous director Robin Hollett for your hard work, dedication and for making this day a great success!

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Doran’s Teaching Day!

This Tuesday, June 18th was Doran Stephens’ teaching Day! Mr. Stephens demonstrated creative thinking as he planned out the day and thought through every detail.

For science he chose to teach about electrical circuits. Students took part in hands-on discovery learning as they tested the use of different materials to create a complete circuit. Mr. Stephen’s used his computer skills to create a Keynote presentation with visual images, information and links to a video. To learn the textbook content, he got students to do a jigsaw (research information in different groups and present their findings to the class).

Mr. Stephens also planned and organized council circle, read to self, daily physical activity, PE, and helped them create imovies with photos from our Wai Wah Youth Leadership camp.

Excellent work Mr. Stephens! You showed great motivation, work ethic, and your creative ideas blew my socks off! Your planning, researching, leadership, presentation, and problem solving skills have evolved as a result of this experience, and I encourage you to take on leadership roles in the future!

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GES Choir performs at WWNI Grad (and for David Suzuki!)

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Track and Field Meet 2013

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Sara’s Teaching Day!

On Friday May 31st, Sara Moore was responsible for teaching Divison three at GES! Sara spent time preparing her day plan, lesson plans, and researching her science topic before the big day.


She started off the morning with a council circle and asked students to share stories about their most memorable experiences with Thunder and Lightning.  Following that, students finished writing and publishing their “Senses of Color” Poems. Ms. Moore  made sure that students were on task at all times.


For science, Ms. Moore taught about Static Electricity. She started by clearly identifying the learning intentions (what students needed to know). Students watched a Bill Nye video about static, and answered a number of questions on paper while watching.


Ms. Moore  chose an innovative way for students to read the text book and learn the concepts. She did a “Jigsaw” activity where students were put into groups, given a specific page and questions, with a poster to write their answers. The students then presented their answers/posters to the class.


After a brief “Static comb and water” demo, Ms. Moore sent groups of students to “Static Stations” where they explored creating static and manipulating objects. The students had a great time!


Congratulations Ms. Moore on a job well done. You gave clear instructions, and were professional at all times. It is evident that you put time and effort into planning the lessons and the students were engaged. Great work Ms. Moore!


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