Jamal’s Teaching Day!

On Friday March 7th, Jamal Davis had his “Teaching Day” in Division Three at G.E.S. Mr. Davis spent numerous hours preparing and put lots of thought into making the day run smoothly.

To start, Mr. Davis began class with the “Core Practice” (moment of silence) in Council Circle, and then did a “Check in” to see how students were feeling emotionally.

After speed word sorts, spelling tests, publishing writing, and Read to Self, Mr.Davis took the students up to the hall for PE. He did a great job of giving instructions and organizing the activities.

For Science, Mr.Davis planned and delivered an engaging lesson on viscosity. He created a Notebook presentation for the smartboard and found a video to show the viscosity of various liquids.

Learning Intention:  Students will explore the viscosity of Oobleck and discover that it can behave like a solid, or a liquid depending upon how much pressure you apply.

Students were then put into partners and given time to mix and explore Oobleck (Corn starch and water). Mr. Davis set clear rules and expectations, which the students followed very well.  He circulated the classroom and asked questions to check for understanding, while adding water to the Oobleck when necessary.

Mr. Davis had a confident and calm manner while teaching. He was professional at all times and was able to use phrases such as “After I’m finished speaking…” to ensure that students listened to his full directions before moving.  Mr. Davis made quick decisions and was well organized.

Great work Mr.Davis!

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