Vanessa’s Goodbye Party & Hot Dog Lunch Fundraiser

This Friday GES said their goodbyes and thanked RCMP Officer Vanessa DeMerchant by holding a special assembly. Vanessa was a huge supporter of our school and we will miss her very much. She visited the school numerous times over her three years in the Nass Valley. She taught students about how to prevent bullying and various other important life lessons. Vanessa is a great role model for the students. It is evident that she truly cares for the students and is passionate about helping others. Thanks Vanessa for keeping our communities safe and for all of your support at GES. Enjoy this next part of your journey and come visit us in the future!

Also, this Friday Division Three put together a Hot Dog Lunch as a fundraiser for their curling trip to Terrace on February 19th. Division three students did a great job of organizing the event and things ran smoothly! Thanks to all students, staff, and community members for your support in making this happen.

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    where is cynthia johnson

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