Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp, Fall 2013!

This fall, Division three students and staff took part in an incredible journey of self-discovery and team building during the Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp. Peter Loy was our guide, and taught us many valuable lessons in just four days.

Students were presented with numerous challenges both physically and mentally. They strengthened their canoeing skills (including paddle strokes, capsize drills, safety lessons),  and some students even took the opportunity to steer or lead the canoe. We all learned more about working together as a team and persevering through physical challenges.  Division three was the first group in the history of Wai Wah Youth Leadership camps to do a full circumnavigation of Lakelse Lake in one day!

Council circle was also an important part of the learning process. Respected elders Grandma and Jiji (Mona and Betty) taught about the importance of listening and speaking from the heart. Students were also challenged to run their own council circle without adult help to solve problems. Students are continuing to gain confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings through council circles at GES.

Thank-you to everyone that helped make this camp happen. It was an unforgetable experience for all of us!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast!! I wish I can be there!! Miss ya all!

  2. Sara Moore says:

    OMG haha Awesome

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