Kaitlyn’s Teaching Day

On Friday October 18th, Kaitlyn Adams took over responsibility as the teacher for Division Three. This was Miss Adams second teaching day, and she once again showed great leadership skills and work ethic. Miss Adams is an excellent role model for other students as she demonstrates a great amount of respect for others and works diligently at school.

She started the day with a quick game of Put yourself on the Line, and a Check in during council circle. Students also had a name card taped to their back, and they wrote Warm Fuzzies (kind words, appreciations) on each other’s cards. Following that, students studied their spelling words by doing a Blind Sort with a buddy.

For P.E. Miss Adams started the class with a quick warmup and some basketball drills. She gave clear instructions to students, and made sure to have their attention before beginning to speak.  Students then played a game of five on five basketball.

Miss Adams chose the following learning intentions for science: Students will learn that animal and plant cells are similar in some ways and different in other ways. Students will learn the parts of cells and the function of each.

She researched the topic thoroughly and created a Notebook presentation for the Smartboard. Students also used an interactive whiteboard lesson to explore the parts of a cell. After drawing and labeling diagrams of animal and plants cells, Miss Adams had students creating models of animal cells!

Congratulations Miss Adams! You are a great leader and will be for years to come. You took initiative to get things done and made quick decisions. Great work!

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  1. Barb Robinson says:

    Awesome work!

  2. peter lang says:

    Way to go Kaitlyn!! Looks like everyones engaged and having fun!!

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