Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp 2013!!


At the Wai Wah Youth Leadership camp, each and every student overcame numerous mental and physical challenges and grew stronger as a result. They proved their strength working as a team to paddle long distances across the lake with high winds and waves crashing against the side of the boat. They showed determination by participating in the Morning Purification, dunking four directions in the frigid waters of Lakelse Lake. Students overcame their fear of deep/cold water, and showed brilliant teamwork as they capsized and bailed out a canoe. We giggled until our bellies hurt, and tried continuously to get everyone on top of the capsized canoe during the game “King and Queen of the Canoe.”

Council fire was a time to share stories from the day, laugh together, uplift each other, and learn important life lessons. Grandma and Grandpa taught us more about listening respectfully and speaking from the heart. Their compassion, wisdom, and cultural knowledge was a huge gift to us. Peter Loy modeled true leadership skills, teaching us not only about survival and canoeing skills, but also how each one of us is a leader. He also taught us how to give 110% even when we feel tired and like we can’t keep going.

Many students were provided with leadership opportunities and quickly rose to the challenges they were given. By the end of the camp, students had improved greatly as canoeists, and each student received a certificate and medal. I witnessed students becoming more mature, respectful, helpful and confident as a result of these experiences and their decision to take part wholeheartedly.

Thank-you to Mr.Riley who made this camp a possibility and for the delicious food he prepared with his wife Luksana. Thank-you to the staff, students, parents and community members who helped fundraise for this event and make the camp possible.

Mrs. Radawiec

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  1. My first and last time goin to wai wah youth leader ship camp! Had a great time there! I will miss you GES!

  2. I love every one of the pics! But 2 pics i really don’t like! those r the ones that i am getting thrown in the water by P

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