Uplands Elementary School Choir joins with GES Choir!

Uplands Elementary School Choir and the GES Choir combined together to perform for two different schools in Terrace on Thursday, June 20th. Their voices together created a brilliant sound and even brought tears to the eyes of audience members at Uplands Elementary and Suwilaawks Elementary. We were once again very fortunate to have Jose Coosemans join us on the piano for our tour.

Four talented and inspiring high school students also joined us on tour, performing flute with the choir for one song, and also performing “Skinny Love” as a trio.

Afterward, the performers celebrated together at Lakelse Lake. It was a great day and we look forward to doing more with Uplands Elementary singers in the near future! Thank-you to Jose Coosemans, parent volunteers, The GES Choir, Uplands Choir and their fabulous director Robin Hollett for your hard work, dedication and for making this day a great success!

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4 Responses to Uplands Elementary School Choir joins with GES Choir!

  1. Cytnhia says:

    I will miss you guys have a great next school! I wish i can stay! And be in CHOIR! I will miss my Best friend Star! I will miss all my friends! Thank you Mr. Riley!

  2. Billie says:

    cool pictures and i miss going to school in canyon

  3. Cynthia says:

    Hey you guys!! Miss every body already!!! I wish I can visit soon! Soon I might come out of no wear so…

  4. i hope you guys really miss me because i miss u guys too

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