Sara’s Teaching Day!

On Friday May 31st, Sara Moore was responsible for teaching Divison three at GES! Sara spent time preparing her day plan, lesson plans, and researching her science topic before the big day.


She started off the morning with a council circle and asked students to share stories about their most memorable experiences with Thunder and Lightning.  Following that, students finished writing and publishing their “Senses of Color” Poems. Ms. Moore  made sure that students were on task at all times.


For science, Ms. Moore taught about Static Electricity. She started by clearly identifying the learning intentions (what students needed to know). Students watched a Bill Nye video about static, and answered a number of questions on paper while watching.


Ms. Moore  chose an innovative way for students to read the text book and learn the concepts. She did a “Jigsaw” activity where students were put into groups, given a specific page and questions, with a poster to write their answers. The students then presented their answers/posters to the class.


After a brief “Static comb and water” demo, Ms. Moore sent groups of students to “Static Stations” where they explored creating static and manipulating objects. The students had a great time!


Congratulations Ms. Moore on a job well done. You gave clear instructions, and were professional at all times. It is evident that you put time and effort into planning the lessons and the students were engaged. Great work Ms. Moore!


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  1. I had a great time on Sara’s teaaching day!

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