Doran’s Teaching Day!

This Tuesday, June 18th was Doran Stephens’ teaching Day! Mr. Stephens demonstrated creative thinking as he planned out the day and thought through every detail.

For science he chose to teach about electrical circuits. Students took part in hands-on discovery learning as they tested the use of different materials to create a complete circuit. Mr. Stephen’s used his computer skills to create a Keynote presentation with visual images, information and links to a video. To learn the textbook content, he got students to do a jigsaw (research information in different groups and present their findings to the class).

Mr. Stephens also planned and organized council circle, read to self, daily physical activity, PE, and helped them create imovies with photos from our Wai Wah Youth Leadership camp.

Excellent work Mr. Stephens! You showed great motivation, work ethic, and your creative ideas blew my socks off! Your planning, researching, leadership, presentation, and problem solving skills have evolved as a result of this experience, and I encourage you to take on leadership roles in the future!

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