Donny’s Teaching Day!

On Friday, April 26th Donovan Stevens was teacher for the day! This was Mr.Stevens’ second teaching day at GES and he continued to show great leadership skills. His manner with the students was calm and professional, and he was able to give clear instructions.

Mr. Stevens began the day with a “Put yourself on the Line” activity, council circle, and spelling tests. After recess he taught an engaging science lesson about the heart along with a Chicken heart dissection! Mr. Stevens ensured that students were on task at all times and circulated to help answer any questions. He worked hard to prepare his day plan and was very well organized.

Way to go Mr. Stevens. Once again, you did a wonderful job as teacher for the day!


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3 Responses to Donny’s Teaching Day!

  1. Cynthia says:

    AWW I wish I could be there!:(

  2. Lorna E. Azak says:

    Excellent work Donovan. Keep up the great work you do in class. You will be a wonderful leader or teacher in the near future. Si’aamhl wilin.

  3. Art Azak says:

    Wy ts’awx niinis dee Donovon! Si aamhl wilin. Your Ye’e Roy Azak said, “The value of a man is not what he can do when things are not going too good; but, what he can do when things are not going so good.” You did well. You will continue to grow in knowledge and experience as years go by and you continue to learn new things to be learned. Si aamhl wilin.

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