GES Choir sings at the Pacific Northwest Music Festival!

GES Choir really shined today on stage at the Pacific Northwest Music Festival. They sang beautifully and made us all very proud. Their hard work practicing was well worth it. Thank-you Parents/Guardians for your continuous support.

Take a look at the photos below to read the adjudicator’s notes.

Some highlights include:

“sweet blending of sound”

“good dynamics and contrast”

“good rise and fall of pitch”

“breath supported”

“proud of their accomplishments…very well done! Keep singing and performing!”


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Jamal’s Teaching Day!

On Friday March 7th, Jamal Davis had his “Teaching Day” in Division Three at G.E.S. Mr. Davis spent numerous hours preparing and put lots of thought into making the day run smoothly.

To start, Mr. Davis began class with the “Core Practice” (moment of silence) in Council Circle, and then did a “Check in” to see how students were feeling emotionally.

After speed word sorts, spelling tests, publishing writing, and Read to Self, Mr.Davis took the students up to the hall for PE. He did a great job of giving instructions and organizing the activities.

For Science, Mr.Davis planned and delivered an engaging lesson on viscosity. He created a Notebook presentation for the smartboard and found a video to show the viscosity of various liquids.

Learning Intention:  Students will explore the viscosity of Oobleck and discover that it can behave like a solid, or a liquid depending upon how much pressure you apply.

Students were then put into partners and given time to mix and explore Oobleck (Corn starch and water). Mr. Davis set clear rules and expectations, which the students followed very well.  He circulated the classroom and asked questions to check for understanding, while adding water to the Oobleck when necessary.

Mr. Davis had a confident and calm manner while teaching. He was professional at all times and was able to use phrases such as “After I’m finished speaking…” to ensure that students listened to his full directions before moving.  Mr. Davis made quick decisions and was well organized.

Great work Mr.Davis!

Vanessa’s Goodbye Party & Hot Dog Lunch Fundraiser

This Friday GES said their goodbyes and thanked RCMP Officer Vanessa DeMerchant by holding a special assembly. Vanessa was a huge supporter of our school and we will miss her very much. She visited the school numerous times over her three years in the Nass Valley. She taught students about how to prevent bullying and various other important life lessons. Vanessa is a great role model for the students. It is evident that she truly cares for the students and is passionate about helping others. Thanks Vanessa for keeping our communities safe and for all of your support at GES. Enjoy this next part of your journey and come visit us in the future!

Also, this Friday Division Three put together a Hot Dog Lunch as a fundraiser for their curling trip to Terrace on February 19th. Division three students did a great job of organizing the event and things ran smoothly! Thanks to all students, staff, and community members for your support in making this happen.

Mary’s Teaching Day!

On Friday January 31st, Mary Angus was the Division Three teacher at GES! Mary showed great intiative as she got things done around the classroom, helped students with their work, and taught an engaging science lesson.

In the morning she started the day with a council circle to “check in” with students. Mary thought of a new and fun way to check in by asking students to share what Sponge Bob character they were feeling like (she had visuals too). After spelling tests and Read to Self, Mary brought the class up to the hall for PE, where they did some fun warmup games and played basketball.

For science Mary taught a chemistry lesson on Physical and Chemical Changes. She created a Notebook presentation for the smart board, and did a few demonstrations during her mini-lesson. Mary showed great courage by getting up in front of her peers and presenting an entire lesson.

For the science lab, Mary had students working in groups to discover physical and chemical changes between different properties such as baking soda, vinegar, egg shells, milk, and water. She circulated the classroom and talked with students about their observations. The students loved it and were actively engaged in the learning.

Mary did a great job of making decisions on her teaching day. She has been very helpful in the classroom this year, and fit into this leadership position quickly. Mary will be an important leader in years to come and has shown great work ethic and motivation. Awesome work Mary!

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Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp, Fall 2013!

This fall, Division three students and staff took part in an incredible journey of self-discovery and team building during the Wai Wah Youth Leadership Camp. Peter Loy was our guide, and taught us many valuable lessons in just four days.

Students were presented with numerous challenges both physically and mentally. They strengthened their canoeing skills (including paddle strokes, capsize drills, safety lessons),  and some students even took the opportunity to steer or lead the canoe. We all learned more about working together as a team and persevering through physical challenges.  Division three was the first group in the history of Wai Wah Youth Leadership camps to do a full circumnavigation of Lakelse Lake in one day!

Council circle was also an important part of the learning process. Respected elders Grandma and Jiji (Mona and Betty) taught about the importance of listening and speaking from the heart. Students were also challenged to run their own council circle without adult help to solve problems. Students are continuing to gain confidence in sharing their thoughts and feelings through council circles at GES.

Thank-you to everyone that helped make this camp happen. It was an unforgetable experience for all of us!

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